46° Congresso e Assemblea AJE
Linz, 20-23 Novembre 2008



Nov 20 Arrivals
Nov 21 09.00 - 10.00  Executive Committee meeting
  10.00 - 12.00  Presentation LINZ09-Cultural Capital of Europe 2009 with Vice-Mayor of Linz Erich Watzl and the program-chief Martin Heller
  12.00 - 13.00  Break + EurActiv Presentation
  13.00 - 13.30  Presentation of Upper Austria Economy with Landesrat Viktor Sigl and President of Federation of Industry, Haindl-Grutsch
  13.30 - 14.30  Lunch Buffet
  15.00 - 17.30  AEJ General Assembly
  18.00   Cheese buffet
Nov 22 09.00 - 10.00 New Executive Committee meeting
  10.00 - 12.00 City-sightseeing and visit of exhibition (Hitler’s plans for Linz in Schlossmuseum)
  12.30 - 14.00 Lunch
  14.30 - 17.30 Debate: Media-freedom in Europe with country-reports and experts of Council of Europe
  20.00  Farewell dinner
Nov 23 9.30  Excursion to Pöstlingberg
  13.00  Free Bus Departure for Vienna Airport (arrival 16.00)

Nov 22 – afternoon

Session 1: 14.30-16.00 "The AEJ and Council of Europe: AEJ Reports From the Frontlines of Media Freedom"

Chair: William Horsley


Wolfgang Wodarg, German Bundestag member & Rapporteur, Council of Europe PACE (Parliamentary Assembly) Sub-committee on Media:
„Defending Media Freedom: Threats and How to Counter Them”


Matthias Traimer, Chairman, Council of Europe Steering Committee on the Media:” Journalism and the Council of Europe: Standards of Media Freedom and Responsibility”

Presentations and written reports by AEJ representatives: 

1) Journalism at Risk: Public Broadcasting: The Case of France - Fabrice Pozzoli-Montenay

2) Journalism At Risk: Public broadcasting: The Case of Poland – Krzysztof Bobinski

3) Journalism At Risk: Public Broadcasting: The Case of Croatia -Zdenko Duka

4) Journalism in Crisis Situations: The Case of Serbia - Nebojsa Bristic

Debate with invited speakers and representatives of AEJ Sections on the Case Studies and AEJ cooperation with the Council of Europe

Session 2: 16.30-18,00 "Journalism Now: What Values, What Trust?” An Open AEJ Debate

Co-Chairs: Eileen Dunne and William Horsley

1) Otmar Lahodynsky, Secretary, AEJ Austrian Section: „The Core Values of Journalism on Trial in Austria”, followed by debate

2) William Horsley, AEJ Media Freedom Represenative and UK Section Chairman: "Trust in the Media: Why is it being lost?", followed by debate

NB Texts of the AEJ Case Study Reports and „Trust in the Media” will be made available at the Congress.

Closing Remarks by Diego Carcedo, AEJ President



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21 Novembre

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